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Get to know the slot symbols

Get to know the slot symbols

Game Rules are a fundamental part of slot games these days. Players need to know exactly what symbols represent and more importantly how a slot game pays out. It is a feature that most slots include but surprisingly some slots do not contain any game rules at all which can be quite disheartening for newbies and novices when they start playing a new game.

The majority of slots that contain game rules will feature lots of rules that are the same as most slot games usually follow a similar format. For instance, a lot of slots will explain how a payline works. The paylineis usually shown in the paytable of a slot and it displays which lines in a slot machine will pay out when you land the correct symbols. A lot of slots feature paylines that not only run horizontally but also in a zig-zage formation. Depending on the number of paylines in a slot, they will all be displayed as mini-tables when you click on the paytable.

Most slot machines feature at least 5paylines but some can vary from a few to a hundred or more paylines. It is worth highlighting that some slots activate all of the paylines by default so make sure to check this out before playing a game. Some slots will feature a “Lines” button which enables you to select the number of paylines you wish to place a bet on and it is usually located just below the reels. A wise choice for novice slot players is to pick all of the paylines as it will greatly increase your chances of a nice payout.

Slots also feature a Bet Max button and when this button is pressed, it will select the maximum number of paylines as well as the maximum you can bet in the game. This is a quick way of enabling all of the paylines but be warned some slots will spin automatically after you press the Bet Max button and some will just wait until you press the Spin button. Another feature that is the same for most slots is selecting the coin size when placing a bet. Usually, the coin size is set to the minimum amount but this can be adjusted with “+” and “-” buttons to increase or decrease the coin size. It is possible to display the coins as credits in some slots.

A staple of a lot of slots nowadays is that they contain Scatter, Wild, Bonus, and Free Spins symbols. These symbols often can contribute to a big payout when they land across the reels so it is important to consult the game rules of a slot so you know exactly what each one does. For example, the Wild symbol is the most important symbol in a lot of slots as it substitutes for other symbols in order to contribute to a winning combination. The Wild symbol can sometimes be the highest paying symbol in a slot and it can also act as a multiplier. Wild symbols are extremely interesting as they not only act for substituting but they can expand and cover entire reels as well as become sticky which means they will stay in place for the next spin of a game.

To sum up, game rules are an intrinsic part of slots and it is vital that players consult them before placing any bets in a game. A handy tip to know is it is possible to play a lot of slots in demo mode, so why not read up on the game rules first and then play the game in demo mode to get a proper feel for it. This way you won’t be lost while learning how to play the game and you won’t lose any money either!

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