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Is Atlantic City on the Rebound?

One of the biggest havens for gamblers in the world has been going through a tough time recently, but if recent reports are proven to be true it could be the start of a recover for America’s boardwalk casino city.

Stories have spread around the web including newspapers and bingo and gambling sites like Two Big Ladies that Atlantic city has been forced to close a number of its casinos in recent times because of dwindling numbers of visitors, putting the city at serious risk with the casinos proving to be the major source of income and employment for residents; but Atlantic City officials revealed that profits were actually up by 7.2% for the third quarter in comparison to the same time twelve months ago.

The casinos reported profits of $147.5 million for the period between July and September this year, with the eight casinos remaining on the boardwalk posting a gross operating profit of $152.3 million, an increase of 3.4%. The 7.2% increase even includes figures from the four casinos that have closed their doors in the past twelve months, which shows that people - and their money - are starting to come back.

While people coming back is one sign that the City is on the rebound, another factor behind the upturn in fortunes is that the losses being made by Revel and The Atlantic Club - two of the casinos which have been forced to close in the past year - are no longer included in the statistics; while the Trump Taj Mahal is scheduled to be closed on 12th December unless a resolution can be found to keep this one open.

This leaves possibly a bigger question, however. Is Atlantic City on the rebound, or is it simply looking better without having to take such significant losses into the equation? Unfortunately, you would have to say it’s the latter. While people are undoubtedly still making the trip to Atlantic City as they do to Las Vegas and Macau, they’re still not flocking there with hundreds, even thousands, to spend each time and it is simply a positive return for the authorities rather than a sign of increased visitors and a return to Atlantic’s former glory.

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