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Increasing Your Chances of a Win On The Lottery

Increasing Your Chances of a Win On The Lottery

It is every-ones dream to win the jackpot on the lottery and fulfil all of those dreams. This is why so many people do the lottery every week. We do not really expect to win anything, but its the hope that we might one day that keeps us coming back for more. There is no guaranteed way to win anything when it comes to gambling, but here are some strategies which might give you a better chance.

Lucky Dip Anyone?

Statistically speaking, any combination of numbers stands just as much chance of coming up as the next. However if you check the history of lottos worldwide, more people win on lucky dips than on especially selected numbers. This might just be meaningless and many people prefer to choose numbers that mean something to them, but it might be something to consider next time you purchase your ticket at your shop or online at places such as Just be wary of picking number combinations that many other people are likely to pick. Surprising the combination 1,2,3,4,5,6 is very common and if it came up there would be many people sharing the winnings.

Take Advantage of Scratch Cards:

As well as the standard lottery draw you can now participate in games using scratch-cards. These often have a lower prize value and as such the odds of having a win are higher than taking part in the lottery itself. It is also slightly more fun than just waiting for the balls to appear. It might be a good strategy to ask the person at the shop you buy it from which ones have had most wins recently. It may be that if you select the one that hasn't been won in recent times your chances of getting a winning card are greater. There are many different versions and game types when it comes to scratch-cards so they can be quite enjoyable.

Join A Syndicate:

It is quite obvious that the more entries you have into a lottery the more likely you are to come out smiling. Joining a syndicate is a good way to increase your chances of winning and its worth it even if you do end up winning less. You will often find that there are syndicates already set up in places of work, so find out who runs it and ask if you can join in. The more members the better. If there is not a syndicate already set up, perhaps you could consider starting your own and asking people if they would like to join in with you. Just be willing to take on all of the responsibility that it entails.

Always quit whilst you are ahead, and take any winnings that you do get and enjoy the wisely. Setting up a direct debit or purchasing several tickets in advance is a good way of ensuring that you do not go over budget, and making sure that you don't forget that ticket either.

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